Will Hunt
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All assets created and animated by Will Hunt unless otherwise stated

Show Reel 2019

'The Collector' Titles

Intro design for neo-noir crime thriller TV series 'The Collector'.

The show centres on a policeman's attempt to apprehend a serial killer creating more and more deranged 'collections'.

'FYI' Explainer

Explainer video for The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED)

Created at Jumbla animation studio, Melbourne. All elements created and animated by Will Hunt. Thanks to Sean Crowley for his input on the sound design.

For information visit www.ceed.org.au

Red Cross Social Change Explainer

β€˜Is social change organic or can it be designed for?’

Long form explainer exploring how we can positively influence social change - using the Australian road death toll as an example.

A big project for a big client, with a distinctive style.

'Next Page' Social Post

Animation encouraging people to use their local library.

'EV' Explainer

Electric Vehicle explainer for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
Jointly created and animated with fellow animator Luke Free

For more information visit: www.arena.gov.au

Solar Rebate Explainer

A lively and family-focused explainer video for Solar Victoria.

Created in collaboration with Brave.tv and Luke Free (fellow animator).

All illustration by me.