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Identity Design for Pride Cup 2015

This year I was very happy to be involved in the identity design for the Pride Cup. For those unfamiliar, the Pride Cup 'celebrates diversity and inclusion in sport for the lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual and intersex (LGBTI) communities by tackling homophobia in Australian Rules Football.' 

The Winners!

Each year a charity football match is held raising awareness of these important issues and resulting in significant media coverage. I was invited to help the organisers develop an identity and appropriate marketing collateral to advertise the event in both the media and the local community (Yarra Glen).

The design needed to encompass the ideas of 'inclusion' and 'pride'. It also needed to reference a rainbow, a common marker for LGBTI community groups. All too often, logos of this nature can be overbearing, assaulting you with their ultra bright neon-like rainbows. This was something I wanted to avoid.

The Design Process:

After talking to the client about their requirements I produced four initial ideas. I knew the logo needed to tie to football, so using a football in the design was an obvious idea, a trophy (‘the cup’) could also work. I played with combining these two ideas. I incorporated rainbow colours into the logo without using a traditional  rainbow pattern to avoid making it too obvious. See the three designs that didn’t make it below.

We decided on the final logo from the selection I gave them and polished it  until everyone was happy. The final result has a similar feel to the City of  Melbourne’s branding, references the rainbow without being garish and ties directly to the communities it supports. See the final logo below.

Chosen Logo

Melbourne Tram - note geometric patterning.

Photo: Liam Davies

Once we finalised the logo, I moved on to design posters, adverts and other supporting collateral needed by the client. Here is an example poster with images of footballers in the background.

The actual Pride Cup was held on a crisp autumn day in beautiful Yarra Glen.  Before the game, a small lunch event including a panel discussion about homophobia in sport was held and broadcast live on Joy 94.9 FM. I was over the moon when I saw these bad boys as the centrepiece of the lunch tables.

Price Cup Lunch 2015 Centrepieces

Price Cup Lunch 2015 Centrepieces

It was an amazing day, the match was a huge success, and I felt very proud to see my design work really gain momentum and become part of something much bigger. I also had a lovely surprise when I got sent a link to this video on Sunrise:


My work had gone national! I’ll leave you with the look of surprise on the presenter's face at just how amazing the logo ended up.

He loves it.

You can find out more about the man who started the Pride Cup here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Ball_(Australian_activist)

The Pride Cup Website:

A big thank you to David Micallef who helped me get involved in the project.  He did a lot of the media work for this. You can check out his website here (logo designed by me naturally).

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